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IMdB: 6.5/10 (340 votes)
Release Dates in theaters:
International: 23 September 2013
Poland: 23 September 2013
IMDb Walesa. Czlowiek z nadziei

Walesa. Czlowiek z nadziei

Category: Drama
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Walesa. Czlowiek z nadziei Walesa. Czlowiek z nadziei

How was it possible that a single man influenced contemporary world so significantly? This film is an attempt to capture the phenomenon of a common man’s metamorphosis into a charismatic leader — an attempt to see how a Gdansk shipyard electrician fighting for workers’ rights awakened a hidden desire for freedom in millions of people.

film crew
Budget: 0 $
Lech Walesa
Danuta Walesa
Oriana Fallaci
Pracownica stoczni
Klemens Gniech, dyrektor stoczni
Ludwik Pradzynski